Korean Social Welfare

Social Welfare in South Korea. University of Kansas MSW Social Welfare in South Korea Study Abroad Brochure.

Spiritual Diversity and Social Work in Korea. Powerpoint of Kansas Asia Scholars Program 2002-2006 (pdf)

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The articles in this special issue of Currents derive from the Second Biennial World Conference on Positive Youth Development and Welfare through Strengths and Spirituality: Views from Korea and America, held at the University of Kansas in 2008. This editorial introduction provides background to the articles and an overview of their contributions. It explains the international context of the recent movement to address youth spirituality, including guiding values for spiritually sensitive social work, definitions of spirituality and religion, and recent historical trends. Finally, potential hazards for spiritual development of youth are highlighted related to neglect of spirituality by helping professionals, maltreatment by religious and spiritual authorities, constriction of spiritually gifted youth, and oppression of youth members of religious and nonreligious minorities.

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